Packaging Hints & Tips For Self Storage


Buy plenty of Packing Boxes. Using boxes of the same size makes for easy and sturdy stacking. Try and fill each box to the top, using crumpled newspaper to fill any spaces. Boxes that are only half–filled tend to collapse when stacked. Put the heaviest boxes on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. Utilise all the space in your unit.
Seal all boxes completely with Packing Tape to keep the dust out. This also strengthens the boxes. Number each box clearly on all sides with a Black Marking Pen, then write the contents of the box, or the room in which it belongs on a Master List kept separate from your storage unit.

Larger Tea Chest Cartons are ideal for linen, tupperware, toys and lighter items.

Book/Wine Cartons are ideal for heavier items like books, wine and appliances.

Store mattresses in a thick plastic bag, or a Queen/King Size Mattress Cover, taped up to keep them free of dust.

Disassemble furniture items like tables, bed frames, etc to save space. Put all screws, cords, etc in snap lock bags labelled and taped to the corresponding items.

Use Bubblewrap to wrap breakables and Fragile/Crystal Cartons to store those smaller fragile or breakable items. Store mirrors, pictures and artwork on their end, not flat.

Cover fabric lounges in our 2/3 Seater Lounge Cover, taped up to prevent dust.

If you are storing a refrigerator or freezer, leave the door ajar to prevent mould from growing inside. The best way to do this is to close the door with the power cord hanging inside the fridge. Of course, you can always use the space inside the fridge to store a bag of linen.

Clean all appliances before you store them.

Store frequently used items or clothing towards the front of the storage unit, it saves searching later.

Insurance is recommended, but not mandatory. Ask us about our pay–by–the–month Customer Goods Insurance. If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring.

Finally, put a high quality Padlock on your unit and keep the keys in a safe place.